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It’s On My Way 2.1

4 out of 5 miceMacworld AppGuide — “the app adds a very attractive layer… does a superb job of sorting out the most efficient or convenient way possible”

Available on the App StoreAre you headed somewhere and need to stop on your way? Maybe a convenient gas station, grocery store, fast food joint, or anywhere else, but you don’t want to spend time trying to figure out an efficient route? This is exactly the app you’re looking for.

Simply select your starting point and your destination, and then choose one or two places you’d like to stop at on your way. If there’s more than one place matching your search you’ll be able to choose the one you prefer, seeing just how far off your route each choice is.

You’ll get an interactive map and step-by-step driving or walking directions, from start to end and to each stop on your way.


Use your current location via GPS (or via WiFi on an iPod Touch) for the start or end of your trip.

Type full addresses or simply search using any terms.

Choose addresses from among your Contacts.

Quick Picks provide common stops with just a couple of taps.

Save personal picks to easily use your favorite searches.

Intermediate stops can be anywhere along the route, near the start, the end, or near each other.

Fully interactive map with a standard view, satellite view, or hybrid view.

Jump to your current GPS location, and jump from pin to pin.

Select full-text driving or walking directions in miles or kilometers.

Email directions to yourself or to anyone.

Whether you’re running an errand across town or planning a day trip, with just a few taps you’ll find the perfect stops that are conveniently on your way.


New in Version 2

Improved User Interface: Much smoother, faster responses, and much more attractive.

Maps at Every Step: Immediately see your initial route and how it relates to your stop before getting your final map.

Personal Picks: Improving the Quick Pick feature, you can add and manage your own favorite search terms for faster searching.

Add to Contacts: When typing in a new address you can save it to your Contacts.

Better Stops: Easily view potential stops based on how close they are to the full route, to the start or end of your trip, or to each other.

New Map Views: Standard map view, satellite photographic view, or the hybrid mix of both.

Email Your Route: After finding your ideal route, email it to yourself or to anyone.

Many other small tweaks and improvements for a better overall experience!

Video Demonstrations

Note: Get a better-quality viewing experience watching full screen or on our YouTube page.

A One-Way Trip with Stan


A Round-Trip with Carol




Requires a data connection: iPhone, iPad 3G, or iPad non-3G or iPod Touch with a WiFi connection.

Requires OS 3.0 or greater.

Many Different Uses

Birthday Party: You want to stop on your way across town to pick up a gift at a bookstore and ice cream for the party. You search for the bookstore closest to your route and for ice cream close to the end so it doesn't melt. Perfect!

Business Stay: You’re staying at a hotel during a business trip and want to take a short walk to the nearest Thai restaurant and stop at a drugstore to pick up some sundries. You change the Travel Mode setting to walking and then choose Round Trip. You search for Thai food for one stop and drugstore for the other and find a variety of options within easy walking distance with great walking directions.

Client Meeting: You’re going to a morning meeting with a client at her office and want to pick up some donuts and a new notepad. You’ve saved Dunkin’ Donuts as one of your Personal Picks, so with a couple of taps you search for one on the way, and use the built-in Quick Picks to enter Office Supplies with a few more taps. You find that you only end up driving an extra 5 minutes out of your way, making the trip quick and easy.