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We here at JinDianZi are dedicated to real innovation in mobile application design. New ideas, implemented in exciting new ways are the hallmarks of our work.

Check out our newest app, Fighting Chicks Unlimited. Bet your mini-marshmallows in microwave battles between toothpick-wielding marshmallow chicks! A universal app for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

Take a look at It’s On My Way, now improved for version 2.1. Just like you, we often find ourselves driving somewhere with a need to stop somewhere specific on our way. Maybe it's to grabe a bite to eat, perhaps stop by an ATM to grab a little cash, or maybe picking up a bottle of wine on the way to a dinner party. It’s no fun to drive all over, peering out the windows for an appropriate stop, wasting time and effort. You've got your iPhone in hand... why can't it give you the easiest route to your destination while showing you the most efficient place to stop?

We wondered the same thing, and so the germ of the idea for It’s On My Way was born. Even in early testing we found ourselves using it several times a week. Check it out, we think you'll find yourself doing the same.